When we begin to investigate the options available for purchasing air conditioning, we must keep in mind that the objective behind the acquisition of this kind of product is comfort.

The comfort that we can obtain by means of the different offers air conditioning that there is in the market, can be increased if we opt for the alternatives that better adapt to our housing and possibilities.

In this sense, the window air conditioning is an ideal bet for certain homes.

Today we tell you precisely when it is worth incorporating a window air conditioning in a home.

Window air conditioning

Located within the compact equipment category, the window air conditioner is a totally autonomous system. This means that, in the same unit, it performs all the air treatment in order to provide cooling to a house.

The particularity of this kind of equipment, and hence its name “window”, is that they are usually placed embedded in the wall, under a window, obtaining as a final result that half of the equipment is inside the environment and the other half outside. This, in addition, is of vital importance for the cooling tasks of the equipment, since it will use the outside air to operate.

As for its operation, we can say that the window air conditioning works in two directions or through two air cycles: the indoor air cycle and the outdoor air cycle. Both cycles are fundamental for the system to produce cold air by means of a fan, the compressor and the cooling coil.

  • Indoor cycle: the equipment takes the air from the room to be cooled through a grille and cools it. It then pushes it through a smaller grille into the room.
  • Outdoor cycle: in this case, the unit takes the air from the outside (warm air) through a system of grilles and heats it up even more. This is how it expels the energy it has absorbed from the interior for cooling.

When should window air conditioning be incorporated into a home?

This is probably the question most often asked by those interested in buying window air conditioning. It is a question of identifying when is the best time to incorporate it in a house or, better said, in what cases is advisable its installation.

We always say that there are air conditioning offers, for each home, that each user will find an option according to the needs of air conditioning in your home. In this case, the window air conditioning is a very useful alternative for those homes in which it is not possible to make an installation of greater complexity such as the split or air conditioning ducts, for example. In both cases, larger works must be carried out, since it is necessary to install pipes, as well as the placement of two units (interior and exterior in the case of the split) that must be connected in some way. The service of a specialized technician will be essential, since a user without knowledge or experience cannot perform this task.

However, in the case of window air conditioning, this procedure is much more limited, since the main activity is to make a hole in the area to install the equipment.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a room that gets the midday sun and you need to cool it, but you don’t want to install a split in that space. What you choose is a window air conditioner and you decide to install it yourself. Your job will be to first measure the equipment, choose a certain area of the wall and there make a hole the size of your unit. So that it is embedded in the wall, half of the unit inside the house and half outside.

Of course, you will have to use accessories and tools for the assembly, so that your unit is well attached to the wall.

One thing we must clarify is that, although it is called window air conditioning, at the time of installation you should not necessarily restrict yourself to placing it in windows, since they can be placed anywhere you can open a hole that communicates the unit with the outside. Remember as a fundamental rule to install it close to a power point.

On the other hand, do not forget to pay attention to the drainage, since there are some alternatives of window air conditioning units that require drainage pipes.

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