Many have been asking what tips we could give to those who want to open a bar.

We have chosen the following tips that we consider important in this decision stage to open a bar, some situations that should not be neglected.

1. Market analysis

Analyze among the main competitors in the industry:

  • Where they are located;
  • Their menus;
  • What is the audience that most frequents these places;
  • Which commercial point it is installed;
  • The time that the establishments are under the same direction;
  • The time they are active.

In this phase seek to obtain the greatest number of information about the branch of activity, seek to understand the dynamism used by the “players”, that is, what the restaurants and bars that are active in your city are offering to customers.

Try to identify what is missing or what you could have that would attract the attention of a certain group of people.

2. Choose the target public.

After analyzing the market, you must choose which target audience, that is, to which audience you will direct your enterprise.

Determining the target audience becomes crucial to the success of your establishment. Understanding what this public is looking for is an important task, because your future efforts will focus on pleasing this public, without neglecting the others logically.

3. Setting the menu.

With the definition of the previous topics, it’s time to define the menu and here comes another audience filter: which type of menu does your client have the habit of consuming the most or which can have a greater added value? These details make all the difference when analyzing and investing in the opening of a bar.

4. Choose the appropriate commercial point for the public in question.

Let’s go to another important detail: commercial point. Depending on the public, you will need to be located in a certain neighborhood, center, shopping center, gallery, among other places.

The most important thing here is to worry about where your customer will come from, for example, a bakery for her to install is preferable to choose a commercial point close to a large concentration of buildings, because the number of people nearby tends to be higher. Consequently with the combination of a quality service, it makes the enterprise succeed.

5. Part bureaucratic.

Now it is necessary a series of analyses about the real viability of concretize the establishment, once it will need that the property in question be on the public organs, because this will provide agility at the moment of constituting the company and to obtain the proper licenses.

Before closing a lease or purchase contract, first check with the city hall of your location, how are the data of that property and if in fact everything is right, then sequence in the business.

6. Opening a business.

Now that you have analyzed the market, chosen the target audience, defined the menu and finally, located the property that will serve you, time to look for an accountant and start the process of opening the company.

At this moment it is important that you have a certain projection of future invoicing, so it is possible to define which is the size of the company and with this help the accountant at the moment of defining which is the best possible tributary framing.

7. Hiring qualified labor.

As previously mentioned, a quality service makes all the difference when choosing a branch of activity, which will have countless competitors. Therefore, the process of choosing the personnel who will provide this service must be “rigorous”.

To look for people who “buy” your dream, who literally wear the shirt and provide the best possible service, because research indicates that “the success of an enterprise is in you putting yourself in the place of the other”.

Both your employee should put himself in your place as boss, as well as you should put yourself in the place of the client who has just entered the establishment.

8. Pricing

Here comes a critical point for the success of your venture, when you must take into consideration several factors to define the amount you will charge for your service. It is necessary at this moment to make an initial projection with all costs and expenses, as well as project the probable sales during the period, this will provide you with the visualization of your cash flow, bringing out your invoicing projection.

9. Disclosure

It’s no use you having done all the other stages of your business being that your target audience doesn’t know you exist, so establishing a good marketing strategy is extremely necessary for the success of your venture. Search for partners, hold events, advertise in the media, here almost everything is valid to make your establishment known and with good reputation.

10. Interaction

Depending on the style of your establishment and the audience you want to serve, a good artistic attraction makes all the difference. In a society that seeks more and more to escape from the routine, a relaxed environment always comes in handy, logical that, as we repeat, will always depend on the audience you want to serve.

Final Considerations

These were some points that we considered interesting and relevant to consider before opening a commercial establishment, after all, the success of your enterprise lies in the small details.