The atmosphere in bars is special. It is, you might say, a whole microcosm. A place of abundance of tart drinks, cheerful and cheeky. Or maybe it’s the other way around? It’s a mature and stately place where not foamy beer pours like a river but status gentlemen, putting their feet up, sipping brandy and reading the newspaper. Or maybe something in between?

Unique, well-designed interior is the key to success for the establishment, which works on the target audience, makes it well recognized and differentiates it from competitors.

A typical bar in our view is a rather compact (or relatively compact) place with dim lights, tables, and a bar counter. The place is democratic, noisy and alcoholic. The most important thing in a bar is the atmosphere of relaxation, fun and communication.

The main “chip” of a bar besides drinks is the way the atmosphere of relaxation, unfocusedness and cheerful communication is played in it. If the bar is dull and empty and the atmosphere is not favorable, it will make you feel sad. It is possible, of course, to play on the contrary and beat the atmosphere of “melancholy” with a flavor of dissent, it will also be a “chip”, and very unordinary.

The design of the bar is the first thing that catches our eye when we enter it. People want witty, but not expensive decorations to have a more interesting time. Bar interior design should appeal, be memorable and relevant to the audience.

You can also bring a bohemian spirit to the atmosphere of the bar, and why not? After all, endless fun is tiring. A bar decorated in Art Deco or Victorian style will be just as popular.

A short summary of the main points. How the elaborate design of the bar is useful.

An enticing interior makes the bar stand out from the competition and makes it well-recognizable, which serves as an excellent form of self-promotion for the establishment and enthuses the public.

If, let’s say, you have a sports bar, its atmosphere should be 100% in the theme for visitors. The interior design should emphasize the soccer theme. That is, the interior design of the bar must comply with the marketing strategy of the company and, of course, cause an emotional response from the visitors. Then the corporate identity of the bar, its interior will work for the target audience of the institution.

Bringing Art to the Bar: Painting the Walls to Express the Aesthetics of the Place

Interior painting is a great way to bring out the uniqueness of your business and create the right atmosphere in your bar. A mural can be that extraordinary feature that will draw visitors in day in and day out. As a rule, the size, color and shape of a mural or art installation is selected on a case-by-case basis and does not contradict the basic design concept.

Hand-painted walls in the bar allows you to create the very atmosphere that will maintain the spirit of your establishment. For example, murals in the style of street art, which is actively used in interior design over the last 10 years, has a strong enough aesthetics. What was once considered anti-social has become valuable, but still retains the ability to instantly communicate with the viewer.

The democratic nature of many bars allows for extreme eclecticism in their design. For example, in one place you can see a leather-trone chair, massive horns above it, and next to it a shelf with empty beer bottles of different calibers or a long canvas hung with badges-symbols of different countries.

The same eclectic palette is acceptable when decorating the room bar paintings on the walls. Basement bar? Two flights of stairs down a graffiti-painted staircase lead to a bar behind which you can see a portrait of some guru or a painting in the form of a sketch or intricate text inscriptions.

Wall painting is also good by the fact that for its application it is not necessary to completely block the work of the institution, as happens, for example, with the renovation or re-equipment of the premises. You just need a painted surface, a wall, in which the artist “breathes life”.

Thus, mural painting is an excellent tool for increasing the competitiveness of the establishment and allows the owner of the bar to achieve the following benefits:

  • Attract new guests;
  • Determine the status of the bar;
  • Make the brand of the bar recognizable;
  • Influence the mentionability in social media and provide relatively inexpensive PR on the Internet;
  • Zoning the space of the bar.