It is possible to offer many varieties of flowers at a funeral. But the offering is one thing and choosing is another. Indeed, it is not so simple to offer flowers at a funeral. It is very easy to make a mistake. It is necessary to take into account many criteria in order to determine the assortment to order. We can take into account the flower, its color, the tastes of the deceased but also the approval of the family.

What are the different floral arrangements possible during a funeral?

There are many different types of mourning flowers. They are divided into two categories:

The first is flowers that are pricked in water. Indeed, this technique is very common, because it allows the flowers to last longer. One finds there this:

  • The wreath: this composition is the most common form used at funerals. A ribbon with a message can be added. The wreath lasts longer than a bouquet. It is generally made up of chrysanthemums, roses, lilies…
  • The cushion: this assortment can have various forms (square, round, oval, flat). Most of the time, it is the less close friends who leave it.
  • The racket: is placed on the coffin to cover it. There is a ribbon on it that allows paying tribute to the deceased. Roses, lilies, and gerberas are most often found.
  • The heart: the heart is quite similar to the cushion, only the shape is different.
  • The grave front: this bouquet is a gesture of affection to be placed on the grave. There can be lilies, hydrangeas…

The second category corresponds to the bouquets of cut flowers. The flowers have a much shorter life span because they are not in water. There are thus:

  • The traditional flower bouquet: this bouquet is simple but is always pleasant to receive. It is necessary on the other hand to pay attention to the varieties of flowers used in a bouquet. Indeed, there are many possible bouquets. It is important to choose the one that is most appropriate for this painful moment.
  • The sheaf of flowers: the sheaf is an assortment of large flowers and foliage. It is more imposing than a simple bouquet and can be made as one wishes, according to the tastes of the deceased.

Choosing flowers according to the deceased

Flowers can also be chosen according to the personality of the deceased. During the ceremony, you should pay attention to the assortment you offer.

Usually, at a funeral, white flowers are used to evoke the memory of the deceased. You can offer beautiful and noble flowers such as roses, orchids, or lilies.

If you wish to personalize your bouquet, you can learn about the codes to know about mourning flowers. Depending on the person, you will not offer the same flowers.

  • Generally, women are offered flowers in pastel colors to express femininity, softness, and kindness.
  • For men, we tend to see bright flowers to highlight their vitality.
  • Age is also important in the choice of flowers.
  • Indeed for children, we will find flowers of white colors, clear, to emphasize their innocence, their purity, and their youth.
  • For older people, we generally find flowers of neutral colors, such as red, pink, and white. These are the traditional colors.

Where should you purchase the blossoms? You can have a look at trusted regional flower designers, or far better (as well as much easier) yet is to go online and order from a trustworthy online flower shop, preferably one that offers all-day funeral flower services. Simply make sure you comprehend what you are obtaining for the money before really placing your order and paying. This puts on both regional and also online. Bouquets bought online are made as well as delivered by local floral designers, with same-day delivery readily available.