In general terms, a bar is a place where people are served at the counter, and it falls under the classification of catering facilities. In addition, in such a place, service is provided at tables arranged along the perimeter. In fact, the types of bars and their characteristics differ in assortment and class.

Traits that unite all types of bars. As a rule, all bars use a quality finish, it is fire-resistant, durable and at the same time decorative. Such material should be easy to wash, dry-clean and be soundproof. The main factors may not always be true, they depend on the class of the bar.

Speaking of bar names, they all have a connection to the location. The name can be associated with the menu content and interior design. Each has a focus on a specific category of people and type of food.

Classification of bars by category

Lux bars are distinguished by a high level of design and technical equipment. To equip a bar of this class a significant amount of money is allocated. The range of drinks consists of elite alcohol brought from abroad. The dishes are of high quality and there is a chef who forms the menu. The staff in such a bar is experienced, there is a highly skilled bartender, administrator and maitre d’hôtel.

The top class bar is similar in structure to a luxury establishment. It is just as comfortable, designers work on the design, it has high-quality service, there are drinks of different classes and specialties of the institution.

The 1st class bar can be just as comfortable, it has budget snacks and drinks, but there are more expensive offerings on the menu. There are waiters and a bartender to serve, with a cook in the kitchen if needed. Often there is an imported kitchen in some bars, and only drinks are prepared in real time.

Varieties of bars by assortment offered

Wine bar

Wine bar is more popular than other categories. Such a bar can be located in hotels, and used to welcome visitors before receptions. If the bar is operated by a restaurant, it may be designed for welcoming guests before receptions. They may use racks instead of tables, with a row of high chairs. There are hotel bars that are open 24 hours a day. It can be located in front of the entrance to the restaurant, for an aperitif. Here you can hold a short meeting, and the service is handled by a bartender.

Cocktail bar

Cocktail bar usually offers a wide range of drinks of different strengths, often they may even be non-alcoholic. It can be located in the lobby of a hotel or an expensive hotel and work till the last client. It is decorated in unobtrusive tones and is rather cozy. In addition to cocktails snacks, fruit desserts, sweets, canapés, small snacks and snacks are served. If it is a small room with a bar, only a bartender works, if there are several tables, the guests are served by a waiter.

Beer bar

Beer bar has a clear specialization. It pours beer in kegs and sells bottled beer. The prices are completely different. In high-end beer bars you will not find cheap beer and chips as a snack. Such establishments do not sell alcohol, guests are served by waiters, and payment is often made at the table on the bill issued by the bartender. A beer bar is often decorated differently than other establishments. It is dominated by wood, and massive tables and benches are installed. But it all depends on the class.

Grill bar

Grill bar is a very comfortable place. Here you can always eat quickly and deliciously. The food is cooked immediately, even in the presence of customers, all the necessary equipment is right in the hall, so in addition to tasty food there are natural flavors. Most of the equipment, such as the grill, broiler and rasher can be behind the bar, and the main menu is handled by the bartender.

These types of bars can be in hotel lobbies, recreational areas, tourist towns, and city streets. They are very common as a way to eat well and densely, with non-alcoholic drinks, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. The menu is not only meat, grilled fish, and seafood, poultry vegetables, cheeses.

Dairy bars

There are dairy bars, where you can drink a milkshake, eat ice cream, desserts of cottage cheese, yogurt. In addition to dairy products, they sell juices, various desserts and confectionery, fruit, mineral and sweet water. Customers are served only by the bartender, who also prepares the orders. The dairy bar has refrigeration equipment, shakers and juicers. There are tables in the hall, children’s seats can be offered and low tables for kids.

Dessert bars

Dessert bars are gaining popularity very quickly. Families with children, pensioners and young people are frequent guests in such establishments. Of drinks there are juices and morsels, coffee, tea, milk and cocoa. Well, for dessert there are not only cakes and pastries, but also jellies, mousses, casseroles, and muffins.

Soup and salad bars

Soup and salad bars have their origins in Sweden. Here there is a minimum of staff and the fastest possible service. It often has a counter and refrigerated display case in which the customer chooses what he wants from the menu offered. They have individual ingredients that can be combined on their own, creating their own salad recipe. First courses are poured into large thermoses that are periodically heated to maintain temperature.

Coffee bar

The coffee bar spoils its visitors with all kinds of coffee. Desserts and strong drinks are served here, of which coffee cocktails can be made. Waiters wait at the tables and the bartender is at the bar.

Disco bar

For a disco bar, as well as for a striptease bar, it is typical to work at night. The hall may have not only a dance floor, but also a place for a music band, DJs. The peculiarities of this place include the presence of a maitre d’ and security. Dance bars employ waiters, for table service and bartenders. The assortment of offered drinks consists of elite and light alcohols, refreshing and cocktail drinks.

The bar offers not only drinks, but snacks as well. It mostly serves light snacks that do not require a chef to prepare – sandwiches, fruit slices and snacks. Visitors in such a bar can spend enough time, at times get up to dance, so all the tables are numbered.

Features of the existing bars can be much the same. In each of them, customers can relax and unwind, and sometimes have a good meal. From what bars there are, they may be open all night or only until late in the evening, either way there is one for each person to find one in which to feel most comfortable and relaxed.