Suppose you have a bar with a great interior, a charismatic bearded and tattooed bartender. And everything seems to be fine: the work is established, there are regular customers – but sales are still sluggish, there are few new guests, and you, of course, want more.

So it’s time to rethink marketing, to think about what else can be added. The mere existence of your bar won’t provide you with a steady increase in visitors, and no one will know about your amazing establishment if you don’t market it properly.

Social media activity

This is perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to increase your reach to potential guests, aside from outdoor signage. Although the latter shouldn’t be neglected either, especially a remote infostand at the entrance to the establishment, where you can write about promotions or new products every day, get creative to attract guests from the street.

How else can you attract customers to a restaurant or bar? And since almost everyone has been on social media for a long time via smartphones right in your bar, why not take advantage of that and gather a target audience through them.

Holidays and seasonal promotions

You don’t have to wait for public holidays for promotions or special events. Think about what little-known holidays you can consider as an occasion for promotions, and get creative in creating the right atmosphere to increase sales. So it’s worth considering other dates that would suit your business as a great excuse for loyal guests to spend time at your place.

Menu variety.

Encourage guests to stay longer by offering them not only drinks, but also appetizers. Think about what you can cook with the least amount of effort and without the help of chefs.

Appetizers are a great source of additional sales for the bar. Many people don’t want to bother with food, but you don’t have to offer complicated dishes. Most snacks are very easy to prepare.

Ideas for bar promotions

Daily discounts. If you’re introducing a new item or a temporary cocktail, offer guests to try the new drinks first and give them discounts. Keep records of discounts in your bar automation system.

Seasonal Discounts. Offer seasonal cocktails and change your bar card every three to four months, leaving the main, branded drinks and adding seasonal drinks.

Mystery Drink. Invite guests to try an unknown cocktail or beer and have them try to guess. Reward them with discounts or bonuses for answering correctly or guessing the composition of the cocktail.

Private tastings. Hold private parties for your most loyal guests. Invite your loyal customers to tastings of new brands and signature cocktails. Make it fun for them to receive the invitation.

Promote snacks. There’s usually a decent margin on bar snacks. You can sell them even more by offering a discount on cocktail orders, ongoing promotions (“1 = 2”), cumulative promotions (every fifth snack is free), etc.

What kind of entertainment can be arranged in a bar

A successful bar should create the most enjoyable and interesting atmosphere possible, which makes visitors come to the establishment again and again.

When hosting entertainment events, try to connect with local media or bloggers. It’s best to appoint one staff member as a coordinator right away to ensure efficient organization and promotion so that no event goes unnoticed. Or do it yourself, because very often the owner is the face of the bar – and who but him to conduct a dialogue with journalists, photographers, organizers, etc. Strengthen your marketing and do not forget about the quality of service. Good customers and good sales!